We turn your internet ideas into real world web applications.

We strive to achieve your objectives and complete your project from start to finish using the best available technologies to get the job done correctly. Over the years we have been involved in many website overhauls. We believe that as the internet continually evolves so should your website and your business’ online presence.    

Why use us?

We truly are 100% on your side and would love for your website or web application to take off and be the next biggest thing around, therefore we give our utmost towards pushing your business into the competitive world of the internet. We don’t just create web applications and let them lie dormant, we prefer to maintain them over their life-cycle and continue to build great relationships with our clients to make sure their websites and web applications are always up to date with current trends and are safe and secure online.  

What we do

We specialise in web development and web application development, but we don’t stop there! We take on projects from the ground up and provide web design solutions to sit hand in hand with our strong programming foundation that we build you applications on so that they look as visually appealing as they are feature rich and functional while being state of the art. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding your next project or hire us right now.
How to keep your web server or blog up when you get a traffic spike

So you’re about to be featured on some very high ranking website. You’re worried that when all the visitors come rushing towards you, your web server is going to crash and burn. Well, you’re probably right! Did you know that 95% of all websites on the internet are not able to handle more than 30 concurrent visitors […]

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How to get more traffic to your blog

If there’s only one thing that keeps website owners up at night, it’s thinking about the next wave of traffic that they aren’t yet getting. Without decent amounts of traffic your website isn’t really doing all that much – regardless of what fantastic theme or design you may think you have. and gain a more popular […]

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How big is Amazon S3 really?

Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, or simply S3 for short, is a product designed for storing objects (or files are most people know them) in their proprietary cloud hosting (AWS). Since S3 was first released on March 14th of 2006, it has gained amazing amounts of popularity online, particularly from web and software developers. It’s quite interesting to know what S3 […]

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