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Add a month to selectable date range – Date Chooser – Actionscript 2

I have been working on a project where I need to select a date range starting today and ending a month from now, so the user cannot select anything in the past or over a month from now.

This is how I did it:

There is an instance of DateChooser on the stage with Instance Name “calDate”.

var todayDate:Date = new Date();
dateBeginDay = todayDate.getDate();
dateBeginMonth = todayDate.getMonth();
dateBeginYear = todayDate.getFullYear();

if ((todayDate.getMonth()+1)==12) {
        dateEndDay = todayDate.getDate();
        dateEndMonth = 1;
        dateEndYear = todayDate.getFullYear()+1;
} else {
        dateEndDay = todayDate.getDate();
        dateEndMonth = todayDate.getMonth()+1;
        dateEndYear = todayDate.getFullYear();
calDate.selectableRange = {rangeStart: new Date(dateBeginYear, dateBeginMonth, dateBeginDay), rangeEnd: new Date(dateEndYear, dateEndMonth, dateEndDay)}

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